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voxelquest.zip 84 MB

Install instructions

Please read the README.txt for controls and other info. Peformance seems to degrade after first run (?), restart your machine as necessary.

AMD/Radeon owners:

You may need to replace all of the text in src/glsl/
Find: gl_FragDepthEXT
Replace with: gl_FragDepth

Sorry, this is very much a development snapshot and was never intended for a market release, so will have to make due with this for now.


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how am I supposed to install it to get it to run? I've never done anything like this before


Extract the zip and then navigate to the extracted folder.  Within that folder, open up the 'bin' folder and then launch VoxelQuest.exe


Whoa, this is like watching someone rise from dead.

Still kickin'


Glad to see this project still exists :)
Linux build?

I don't have a setup to do that right now but source is available.  From what I know, other people have gotten Linux builds going without too much difficulty :)